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Catching you up Exams 3 and 4 and clinical update

Test 3 made an 88, highest grade in the class.

Test four made an 82, ranked 7th out of 50 in class.

Clinicals, no joke. Yesterday I went after only 4 hours of sleep, and the day before that I went on only 30 minutes of sleep. Insomnia is so frustrating. I almost walked out on the whole program bc I was so exhausted which made me an emotional basket case. My instructor doesn’t think I can handle the stress.

Too bad failure is not an option. With God I can do all things! ūüôā

on a happy note, 2 yudansha at the dojo resigned from our school. Long awaited! Our senpai now is somebody who deserves and has earned the position! ūüôā


That’s all for now,



Exam 2 , check offs, calculations test




The past week has been very busy.

On Tuesday 10/25/12 last week I took my drug calculations test and made a 95. The one I got wrong it was because I forgot to enter one of the numbers into the calculator.

On Thursday 10/27/12¬†I volunteered to go first for my lab section doing check-offs for Sterile gloves, sterile dressing, and medication administration. I was a little shaky in performing but was proficient in all requirements. ūüôā

Yesterday (Tuesday, 10/2/12) I took my second exam in my Nursing 111 class. It covered, Communication, Collaboration, Teaching/Learning, Legal Issues, Ethics, Advocacy, Tissue Integrity, Infection, Inflammation, Comfort (pain and sleep) and Mobility. The test was 50 multiple choice and “select all that apply” (SATA). My final grade, after some questions were thrown out was an 84/C – one point from a B. — So I’m still not at my goal of having a B average, but I’m close.

Next on the list of things to learn is Physical Assessment! ūüôā — I really enjoy learning about this, so I’m excited with what we have already learned in class. Hard to believe that check-offs for it are next Friday, and clinical is just around the corner!




At the dojo we had testing Saturday and Silas received his brown belt. Five ladies received their orange belts, two Harris kids received yellow, and lil Eric, Conrad, Emerson, and Rainbow all received their blue belts. It was a productive day!



This past Sunday was “Sunday Celebration” where the RM and Nashville campuses came together to celebrate. I witnessed 10 babtisms, 2 baby dedications, and communion. It was a great service and I’m really looking forward to going again this Sunday! ūüėÄ


test 1 – 84

They dropped one question so I made an 84. I wish I had done better, but I’m content with my grade. It is safely over the cutoff of 77, so that is good. I learned today to

1) slow down and use the  full 90 minutes to take it (finished in 45 today)

2) don’t overthink the question; answer ONLY what the question is asking and not what you “think” the question is asking.

3) don’t read the question and decide the answer BEFORE reading the choices. (there may be a “more correct” answer there you haven’t thought of)

I feel that having reflected on how I did, and looking over the ones I missed, these three things being implemented in the future — along with the dedicated studying that I did for this first exam — will give me better results (a higher grade).


I’m OFFICIALLY STATING MY GOAL NOW : To make a B in the class for the overall grade for the semester!

Also, regarding this first exam, I ranked 13th in the class out of 50. My group mates ranked 3rd, 4th, 19th, ?, and 44th. Not too bad for the first test ever for all of us, so that’s great that we had a 94 (ranked 3rd) and a 92 (ranked 4th).

Subjectively: I think I’m almost too smart to do well in nursing school. I think the intelligence WILL HELP ME on the floor as a nurse, but it’s tripping me up on these NCLEX style questions. In short, I’ve GOTTA GET PAST THIS WAY OF THINKING bc NCLEX style questions and the NCLEX exam are both between me and my nursing profession! — I KNOW I CAN DO IT and I’M PROUD OF HOW HARD I WORKED FOR THE FIRST TEST!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me with kind thoughts, prayers, and uplifting facebook posts! It has helped tremendously!

I’ll write to you later. I have to go read 100 pages before 11 am because I haven’t read for lecture this week due to studying for the exam!




Exam 1 studying

I’m studying a great deal for the first exam that will be on the 17th (tuesday) The topics we are being tested on are:

Health Policy (OSHA, TJC, accrediting agencies and federal/state agencies that regulate healthcare safety)

Health Care Systems (Diff. types of nursing delivery systems and the tiers of healthcare)


Caring Interventions (consists of hygiene and Medication administration)




To prepare for this exam I’ve been studying since the 13th. I wanted to use adequate time to adequately prepare, and I feel like I’ve done that. Just going to review notecards from now until Tuesday.

So far this is what I’ve done:

– read chapters before their respective class lectures

– took notes on the powerpoint slides in class

– did study guides in the study guide book that accompanies our lecture book

– watched evolve skill videos

– did NCLEX style quizzes online

-wrote notecards for book reading, lecture powerpoints and notes, study guides

-studied notecards


I hope all that I have done has adequately prepared me! I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I get a chance.

Study Group Formed

I created a study group which consists of me, Erica, Heather (2 of them), Bo, Lilian, and Tiffany. It’s a solid group.¬†September 2nd,¬†we met at the bookstore just Heather C, Erica, and myself. We introduced ourself and chatted. Agreed that Erica would do the study guides, give them to Heather C, and print them off for the group… and I would type up chapter notes.

Monday Sept. 10th we met as the group of 7 (minus Lilian who had other obligations) and talked about dividing up how we wanted the study groups to go. We went thru our notes and talked about things one another missed during lecture, as well as asking one another for clarification on some topics. Bo decided that my notes were not adequate enough, so he made extremely detailed notes and emailed them to the group. They are really nice; way better than mine!

This weekend I have made drug card template and hope tomorrow to make drug cards for our first two meds, NPH insulin, and regular insulin. I plan to print off enough for everybody to have one of each in the group. Yesterday I went and bought some 60 lb (heavy) green paper so they will be more durable and easier to find. I plan to have my dad help me laminate mine. ūüôā

Our study groups are scheduled for monday afternoons from 3-5:45 at the local library, and I’m in charge of reserving the room each week. Everybody from the study group lives in my town (different town than where school is located) so it’s nice to not have to drive far to get in a group and study!

That’s all for now; I’ll try to post more frequently about my adventures!



First Two Days of class

ImageI hope this finds you doing well!

The first day of class was this past Thursday from 9-12. We received our syllibi, schedules, and lots of paperwork to sign about professionalism, that we read and understood the handbook, our graduation check off plans, etc.

Homework for Tuesday night was on Health Policy, Health Care Systems, and Safety. It totalled about 60 pages. And just as a sidenote, the font in the book is about size 10. There are 62 lines of text per page (I counted!) and without my classes it is almost impossible to read.

Friday was lecture in the auditorium from 9-12. We covered Health Policy, and Health Care Systems. It was only about 14 powerpoint slides, but the lecture lasted the almost the whole 3 hours. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the teacher SD. She is very intellectual and has an “awkward” sense of humor which is right up my alley. Others think she’s a bit quirky but she and I beat to the same drumbeat if you know what I mean.

Friday after class (last night) I read back over my notes from class and added/re-organized some things. And then I decided to take a chill pill because it was only Friday.

Next week we have computer lab on Monday. Tuesday we have lab/lecture on Safety, and the following week we start Caring Interventions. I am hoping to finish reading Caring Interventions this weekend, as well as make some notecards on the first 3 chapters.

This morning I didn’t get to sleep until about 5:30am and now I’m up for karate belt testing. Getting ready to leave the house for that. Hopefully I can schedule a nap for this afternoon!

Take Care and I hope you’ll choose to leave me a message so I know you’re visiting my blog! ūüôā

Orientation: complete!

Orientation was yesterday. We received our schedule and our handbooks to read before the first day of class. We were supposed to receive our book list, but they forgot to put that in our handouts, so I’m going to call Monday and see if I can get the list before the first day of class in a month! We tried on uniforms and paid for those, which we learned we have to wear to lab days at school as well as to clinicals. Clinicals won’t start until October 22nd I think it is. We learned all the do and don’ts of no fake nails, no perfumes, hair pulled back and off collar, etc. for clinical. That’s all I can think of that we covered. It was a short 3 hour orientation.

I’ll try to post more soon.


Advice from a Student Nurse

Here is some advice to help you be successful in nursing school. It came from the AllNurses Forum. (Thank you Joe N635DC)

1. Never forget why you are doing this. (There will be times you will ask yourself, “What the heck was I thinking?”)

2. Focus each day on what is most important and find balance between nursing school and personal time.

3. Effective studying is paramount! (Set up an area where you can focus free of distractions.)

4. Actually study! (Don’t sit there goofing off and then say you did. It will bite you in the butt when it comes time for tests and clinical performance/evaluations. Also, these are people’s lives at stake.)

5. Don’t take shortcuts. (Like mentioned above… you’re actions can very well mean life or death to a patient!)

6.Prioritize your life. (Be prepared to say no to friends and stand your ground if you have things that really need to be done.)

7.Pace yourself. (You are learning about a fantastically complex device call the human body. It is not nearly possible to try and learn what you need to know the night before the test. Plan ahead, study and keep up with the content and you will be in a much better position to do well.)

8.  Reading ahead a little. (It will help with comprehension and give you a head start in case an emergency comes up.)

9. Set aside ample time for care plans ( Care plans always take at least twice as long as you think they should. Avoid staying up until 2 am because you think it will only take a certain amount of time.)

10. Study in small blocks of time(a few hours) and remember that your brain needs time to process all you just learned. Breaks between study blocks (of time) are absolutely essential (30 minutes to several hours). Find what works for you and stick to that.

11. Flash cards are great! (And I’m talking about the ones you MAKE not the ones you buy! When you write things down it helps commit that knowledge to memory! And it’s a lot cheaper to make your own as well!)

12. Group studying helps. (Bouncing ideas and questions off of each other is a great way to hammer away at learning new content. When it comes to pneumonics and other memory devices, the creativity of a group is much greater than as a single individual.)

13. Don’t give up on yourself. (It’s not over till its over. If you are having a rough semester, stop, evaluate and take action EARLY. Why withdrawl from a semester when you can finish it proper?¬† The key is to recognize that you have a problem early on and do some damage control to bring it back while you still can. When things start to go bad, knuckle up and finish strong!)

14. Don’t be a problem child. (When making it through nursing school it is best to try and fly under the radar, just blend in. You definitely do not want to be the one student that every professor knows about. News flash, they have faculty meetings and share the progress of the students with the other professors. If you really¬†tick one of them off, pretty soon they are all going to know about it. If you let this become you then every action you take (or fail to take) will be scrutinized (probably overly so) and it may eventually end up in your failing a course.)

7 Ways to be a Success in Nursing School

I could advise you to study until you fall asleep on your books, and then wake up go to class, and repeat. However, you already know you are going to have to study. Soooo, my advice is:

1. Be on Time ¬†(be early. You often get to see a “softer” side to your instructor¬†each day as they are preparing for class, and it puts a good foot forward for when you start clinicals and they are on your case about everything. It’s pretty easy to be on time (ie 10 minutes early) and let’s face it — you can’t be late…they lock the door.)

2. Stay organized (Get a planner and plan when and where you are going to study. I plan to study in the school library because home¬†last go around was¬†too chaotic especially with house work needing to get done interrupting one’s thinking while studying and different things involving my ADHD kept me from getting the material covered.)

3.Schedule time to sleep! (If you don’t put it on a schedule and stick to it, you’ll never get any. Also at some point, you’ll retain more from sleeping than you’ll learn if you try to study past that point. You’ll figure out that point after a couple weeks into the program.)

4. Get a routine. (Try to create a schedule where you are at your optimal best. Once you get to your first exam results, adjust accordingly. If you give 100% for that first test, you’ll know about how many hours you’ll need to study to succeed/get the grade you want. If that first test grade is lower than the cut off (cut-off is usually¬†around 77%, start praying!)

5. Schedule time for you! (This keeps you sane! I schedule 30 minutes to transition from the happenings of the day to STUDY MINDSET! I also set aside 30 minutes a day for just me , usually my favorite tv show. And finally I¬†factor out 10 minute breaks every hour when studying (and its study an hour, then break for 10… not study for 50 minutes and break) During those 10 minute breaks you can get something to hydrate you, go to the bathroom, reply to text messages, blare your favorite music and party (great stress reliever)!, etc.)¬†<<Sidenote: I say get something to drink during the break b/c if you’re drinking anything other than water, you’ll quickly pack on the lbs. by sipping throughout study time. But sometimes, you just gotta have your coffee!>>

6. Exercise (Get in the habit! It’s great for stress relief, your figure, and your mental health. It releases a natural high that makes you feel good!)

7. Lean on others! (You almost have to do this to stay afloat somtimes. Share notes, study together, compare clinical stories and light-bulb moments. The bond you will create will help carry you through the days when you begin to rethink if its worth all the schooling to be a nurse.)

Things You Need For Nursing School

For those of you reading that are eager to begin shopping for the things you are going to need in nursing school, I’ve compiled a list of those very things that I created based on a very lengthy topic thread on the website . I tried to include in parentheses the reasoning behind several things on the list so you can decide if you think you’ll need that particular item. I hope it helps ~Lib

Office  Supplies
¬†¬†¬† 3 Ring Binder (I recommend you get 2 of them, 4 or 5″ – one for current material and one for old test materials (think finals))
    Loose leaf notebook paper
¬†¬†¬† 3 hole punch (for all the ¬† papers you’ll get that aren’t already punched)
    3 folders for clinical (some   sware by an accordian folder that has multiple slots)
    Black Pens (you have to   document in Black at clinicals. Also taking lecture notes, you need a lot of   these.
¬†¬†¬† ¬†index cards (if you sware by ¬† making note cards. You’ll need big ones (5×7) for making drug cards
     No. 2 Pencils (need these for   tests)
    Backpack (it needs to be very   roomy Рmany sware by one with wheels!)
    stapler, small
    Highlighters (these will help   bold important stuff when taking notes in lecture
    calculator (for doing drug   calculations)
     Clipboard (for clinical Рget   one that you can store stuff inside. They usually have a calculator on the clip  part…)
    Little Memo Pad (for your   pocket to write down vitals and such at clinicals)
    Post Its
    Post It Flags (to mark assigned readings among other things in large books so these will really help with studying)
    Page protectors (for your   syllabus and important papers)
    Thumb Drive to carry files   back and forth
Study Stuff
    Medical Dictionary (usually   comes with the books you buy)
    NCLEX Review Guide (~$40 from   Amazon… Saunders is the best. Get one with a CD included)
¬†¬†¬† Drug Book (usually comes with ¬† the books you buy – Davis’ Guide is best)
¬†¬†¬† Nursing Care Plan Book (won’t ¬† need until 2nd semester I think – I’m asking for one for Xmas)
Nursing Stuff
¬†¬†¬† White Shoes (comfy! I have ¬† shape ups‚Ķ you’ll be on your feet 6-8 hr/day with clinicals!)
    Blood Pressure Cuff
    Pen Light
¬†¬†¬† Medical Scissors (you don’t ¬† have to have these, but people were all the time needing the pair I got)
Home Supplies
    Coffee Maker
    Desk Lamp
¬†¬†¬† Printer Ink and Paper (you’ll ¬† be printing a LOT of lecture powerpoints!)
    LOUD alarm clock!
     Travel sized items you may   need at clinical in a pinch
             EX: tylenol, tums, midol, chapstick,   etc.
    Baby bottle of hand   lotion
    Tote Bag (to carry stuff in to   clinicals)
Mindset Stuff
    Sense of Humor
    Being Surrounded by Supportive   People
    Healthy Diet
    Quiet plact to study
    a brain
    a spine

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