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Things You Need For Nursing School

For those of you reading that are eager to begin shopping for the things you are going to need in nursing school, I’ve compiled a list of those very things that I created based on a very lengthy topic thread on the website . I tried to include in parentheses the reasoning behind several things on the list so you can decide if you think you’ll need that particular item. I hope it helps ~Lib

Office  Supplies
    3 Ring Binder (I recommend you get 2 of them, 4 or 5″ – one for current material and one for old test materials (think finals))
    Loose leaf notebook paper
    3 hole punch (for all the   papers you’ll get that aren’t already punched)
    3 folders for clinical (some   sware by an accordian folder that has multiple slots)
    Black Pens (you have to   document in Black at clinicals. Also taking lecture notes, you need a lot of   these.
     index cards (if you sware by   making note cards. You’ll need big ones (5×7) for making drug cards
     No. 2 Pencils (need these for   tests)
    Backpack (it needs to be very   roomy – many sware by one with wheels!)
    stapler, small
    Highlighters (these will help   bold important stuff when taking notes in lecture
    calculator (for doing drug   calculations)
     Clipboard (for clinical – get   one that you can store stuff inside. They usually have a calculator on the clip  part…)
    Little Memo Pad (for your   pocket to write down vitals and such at clinicals)
    Post Its
    Post It Flags (to mark assigned readings among other things in large books so these will really help with studying)
    Page protectors (for your   syllabus and important papers)
    Thumb Drive to carry files   back and forth
Study Stuff
    Medical Dictionary (usually   comes with the books you buy)
    NCLEX Review Guide (~$40 from   Amazon… Saunders is the best. Get one with a CD included)
    Drug Book (usually comes with   the books you buy – Davis’ Guide is best)
    Nursing Care Plan Book (won’t   need until 2nd semester I think – I’m asking for one for Xmas)
Nursing Stuff
    White Shoes (comfy! I have   shape ups… you’ll be on your feet 6-8 hr/day with clinicals!)
    Blood Pressure Cuff
    Pen Light
    Medical Scissors (you don’t   have to have these, but people were all the time needing the pair I got)
Home Supplies
    Coffee Maker
    Desk Lamp
    Printer Ink and Paper (you’ll   be printing a LOT of lecture powerpoints!)
    LOUD alarm clock!
     Travel sized items you may   need at clinical in a pinch
             EX: tylenol, tums, midol, chapstick,   etc.
    Baby bottle of hand   lotion
    Tote Bag (to carry stuff in to   clinicals)
Mindset Stuff
    Sense of Humor
    Being Surrounded by Supportive   People
    Healthy Diet
    Quiet plact to study
    a brain
    a spine

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