Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

Exam 2 , check offs, calculations test




The past week has been very busy.

On Tuesday 10/25/12 last week I took my drug calculations test and made a 95. The one I got wrong it was because I forgot to enter one of the numbers into the calculator.

On Thursday 10/27/12 I volunteered to go first for my lab section doing check-offs for Sterile gloves, sterile dressing, and medication administration. I was a little shaky in performing but was proficient in all requirements. 🙂

Yesterday (Tuesday, 10/2/12) I took my second exam in my Nursing 111 class. It covered, Communication, Collaboration, Teaching/Learning, Legal Issues, Ethics, Advocacy, Tissue Integrity, Infection, Inflammation, Comfort (pain and sleep) and Mobility. The test was 50 multiple choice and “select all that apply” (SATA). My final grade, after some questions were thrown out was an 84/C – one point from a B. — So I’m still not at my goal of having a B average, but I’m close.

Next on the list of things to learn is Physical Assessment! 🙂 — I really enjoy learning about this, so I’m excited with what we have already learned in class. Hard to believe that check-offs for it are next Friday, and clinical is just around the corner!




At the dojo we had testing Saturday and Silas received his brown belt. Five ladies received their orange belts, two Harris kids received yellow, and lil Eric, Conrad, Emerson, and Rainbow all received their blue belts. It was a productive day!



This past Sunday was “Sunday Celebration” where the RM and Nashville campuses came together to celebrate. I witnessed 10 babtisms, 2 baby dedications, and communion. It was a great service and I’m really looking forward to going again this Sunday! 😀



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