Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

test 1 – 84

They dropped one question so I made an 84. I wish I had done better, but I’m content with my grade. It is safely over the cutoff of 77, so that is good. I learned today to

1) slow down and use the  full 90 minutes to take it (finished in 45 today)

2) don’t overthink the question; answer ONLY what the question is asking and not what you “think” the question is asking.

3) don’t read the question and decide the answer BEFORE reading the choices. (there may be a “more correct” answer there you haven’t thought of)

I feel that having reflected on how I did, and looking over the ones I missed, these three things being implemented in the future — along with the dedicated studying that I did for this first exam — will give me better results (a higher grade).


I’m OFFICIALLY STATING MY GOAL NOW : To make a B in the class for the overall grade for the semester!

Also, regarding this first exam, I ranked 13th in the class out of 50. My group mates ranked 3rd, 4th, 19th, ?, and 44th. Not too bad for the first test ever for all of us, so that’s great that we had a 94 (ranked 3rd) and a 92 (ranked 4th).

Subjectively: I think I’m almost too smart to do well in nursing school. I think the intelligence WILL HELP ME on the floor as a nurse, but it’s tripping me up on these NCLEX style questions. In short, I’ve GOTTA GET PAST THIS WAY OF THINKING bc NCLEX style questions and the NCLEX exam are both between me and my nursing profession! — I KNOW I CAN DO IT and I’M PROUD OF HOW HARD I WORKED FOR THE FIRST TEST!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me with kind thoughts, prayers, and uplifting facebook posts! It has helped tremendously!

I’ll write to you later. I have to go read 100 pages before 11 am because I haven’t read for lecture this week due to studying for the exam!





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