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test 1 – 84

They dropped one question so I made an 84. I wish I had done better, but I’m content with my grade. It is safely over the cutoff of 77, so that is good. I learned today to

1) slow down and use the  full 90 minutes to take it (finished in 45 today)

2) don’t overthink the question; answer ONLY what the question is asking and not what you “think” the question is asking.

3) don’t read the question and decide the answer BEFORE reading the choices. (there may be a “more correct” answer there you haven’t thought of)

I feel that having reflected on how I did, and looking over the ones I missed, these three things being implemented in the future — along with the dedicated studying that I did for this first exam — will give me better results (a higher grade).


I’m OFFICIALLY STATING MY GOAL NOW : To make a B in the class for the overall grade for the semester!

Also, regarding this first exam, I ranked 13th in the class out of 50. My group mates ranked 3rd, 4th, 19th, ?, and 44th. Not too bad for the first test ever for all of us, so that’s great that we had a 94 (ranked 3rd) and a 92 (ranked 4th).

Subjectively: I think I’m almost too smart to do well in nursing school. I think the intelligence WILL HELP ME on the floor as a nurse, but it’s tripping me up on these NCLEX style questions. In short, I’ve GOTTA GET PAST THIS WAY OF THINKING bc NCLEX style questions and the NCLEX exam are both between me and my nursing profession! — I KNOW I CAN DO IT and I’M PROUD OF HOW HARD I WORKED FOR THE FIRST TEST!

Thank you to all who have encouraged me with kind thoughts, prayers, and uplifting facebook posts! It has helped tremendously!

I’ll write to you later. I have to go read 100 pages before 11 am because I haven’t read for lecture this week due to studying for the exam!





Exam 1 studying

I’m studying a great deal for the first exam that will be on the 17th (tuesday) The topics we are being tested on are:

Health Policy (OSHA, TJC, accrediting agencies and federal/state agencies that regulate healthcare safety)

Health Care Systems (Diff. types of nursing delivery systems and the tiers of healthcare)


Caring Interventions (consists of hygiene and Medication administration)




To prepare for this exam I’ve been studying since the 13th. I wanted to use adequate time to adequately prepare, and I feel like I’ve done that. Just going to review notecards from now until Tuesday.

So far this is what I’ve done:

– read chapters before their respective class lectures

– took notes on the powerpoint slides in class

– did study guides in the study guide book that accompanies our lecture book

– watched evolve skill videos

– did NCLEX style quizzes online

-wrote notecards for book reading, lecture powerpoints and notes, study guides

-studied notecards


I hope all that I have done has adequately prepared me! I’ll let you know how it goes as soon as I get a chance.

Study Group Formed

I created a study group which consists of me, Erica, Heather (2 of them), Bo, Lilian, and Tiffany. It’s a solid group. September 2nd, we met at the bookstore just Heather C, Erica, and myself. We introduced ourself and chatted. Agreed that Erica would do the study guides, give them to Heather C, and print them off for the group… and I would type up chapter notes.

Monday Sept. 10th we met as the group of 7 (minus Lilian who had other obligations) and talked about dividing up how we wanted the study groups to go. We went thru our notes and talked about things one another missed during lecture, as well as asking one another for clarification on some topics. Bo decided that my notes were not adequate enough, so he made extremely detailed notes and emailed them to the group. They are really nice; way better than mine!

This weekend I have made drug card template and hope tomorrow to make drug cards for our first two meds, NPH insulin, and regular insulin. I plan to print off enough for everybody to have one of each in the group. Yesterday I went and bought some 60 lb (heavy) green paper so they will be more durable and easier to find. I plan to have my dad help me laminate mine. 🙂

Our study groups are scheduled for monday afternoons from 3-5:45 at the local library, and I’m in charge of reserving the room each week. Everybody from the study group lives in my town (different town than where school is located) so it’s nice to not have to drive far to get in a group and study!

That’s all for now; I’ll try to post more frequently about my adventures!



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