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So sore from 1st night back at Dojo

I went back to class on Wednesday (today is Friday) and I am SO SORE now! It wasn’t too grueling of a workout, but I haven’t used a lot of those muscles for close to 5 months and I really felt it! I showed up to help the kids classes and that was a lot of fun! Then the adult class began! We started with Sensei Cunningham leading light warm-ups aside from the major ab workout and the 60 pushups. Then He, Duke, and I went to the back to work on Chatan Yara Sai, and Tuifa… and Duke and I finished up with All 3 bo kata. While we worked the first two weapons, the rest of the class was led by the brown belts (Keith, Alice, and Daniel) and the 9 kicks were led by the only purple belt (Rebecca). Then Duke and I worked the bo forms while the rest of the class split up into groups to work kata and basics.

It was a great turn-out according to Duke as there was he, I, Keith, Alice, Daniel, Rebecca, Gerald, Molly, Hannah, Ms. Riggs, and a couple other white belts. I think all had a good time! If only the mudansha (below black belt holders) would come early and help out with the kids classes!

I’ve been taking advil to help with the muscle soreness. Have to go to work tonight and my back is still aching. I will make do though. God’s got me and will never let me go. Hopefully working out next week (and each week after) the soreness will decrease each time. I’m SO happy to be back at the dojo. It’s where my heart has been all the while I’ve been out! It was great to spend time with Sensei. He continues to be my inspiration regarding so many things! Also, Duke had a lot of good help on me cleaning up my Shi Shi No Kun no Dai… which I left out a chunk of. He also helped me get up to date on some other things as well.


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