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7 Ways to be a Success in Nursing School

I could advise you to study until you fall asleep on your books, and then wake up go to class, and repeat. However, you already know you are going to have to study. Soooo, my advice is:

1. Be on Time  (be early. You often get to see a “softer” side to your instructor each day as they are preparing for class, and it puts a good foot forward for when you start clinicals and they are on your case about everything. It’s pretty easy to be on time (ie 10 minutes early) and let’s face it — you can’t be late…they lock the door.)

2. Stay organized (Get a planner and plan when and where you are going to study. I plan to study in the school library because home last go around was too chaotic especially with house work needing to get done interrupting one’s thinking while studying and different things involving my ADHD kept me from getting the material covered.)

3.Schedule time to sleep! (If you don’t put it on a schedule and stick to it, you’ll never get any. Also at some point, you’ll retain more from sleeping than you’ll learn if you try to study past that point. You’ll figure out that point after a couple weeks into the program.)

4. Get a routine. (Try to create a schedule where you are at your optimal best. Once you get to your first exam results, adjust accordingly. If you give 100% for that first test, you’ll know about how many hours you’ll need to study to succeed/get the grade you want. If that first test grade is lower than the cut off (cut-off is usually around 77%, start praying!)

5. Schedule time for you! (This keeps you sane! I schedule 30 minutes to transition from the happenings of the day to STUDY MINDSET! I also set aside 30 minutes a day for just me , usually my favorite tv show. And finally I factor out 10 minute breaks every hour when studying (and its study an hour, then break for 10… not study for 50 minutes and break) During those 10 minute breaks you can get something to hydrate you, go to the bathroom, reply to text messages, blare your favorite music and party (great stress reliever)!, etc.) <<Sidenote: I say get something to drink during the break b/c if you’re drinking anything other than water, you’ll quickly pack on the lbs. by sipping throughout study time. But sometimes, you just gotta have your coffee!>>

6. Exercise (Get in the habit! It’s great for stress relief, your figure, and your mental health. It releases a natural high that makes you feel good!)

7. Lean on others! (You almost have to do this to stay afloat somtimes. Share notes, study together, compare clinical stories and light-bulb moments. The bond you will create will help carry you through the days when you begin to rethink if its worth all the schooling to be a nurse.)


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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to be a Success in Nursing School

  1. Mary on said:

    Great tips Lib!!! Didn’t know you had a blog. I’m trying but idk what I’m doing yet when trying to write something..LOL! I’ll get there! Best of luck in nursing school this year!!! ~ Mary

    • thanks Mary!!! 🙂 Yeah, I started this when I started NCC, but I’m more willing to write more often now that I’m at ECC. Hope you are doing well and do stop in again soon! 🙂 It’s great hearing from you.

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