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It’s been a long while Since I posted on this blog. Here is the short version of what has happened since I last wrote.


December 2011 – Missed the minimum grade I had to have by 2 questions on the final exam so I was “kicking out” of nursing school.

January 2011 – Retook the CNA state certification test (the skills part) and passed!

January 2011 – Started a CNA 2 course at NCC.

April 2011 – Completed CNA 2 course and am now registered with the NC BON as a CNA 2! WOO HOO!

April 2011 – Received my acceptance letter to both Nash and Edgecombe for LPN and RN programs, chose ECC!


And those are all the major happenings. I hope to be more consistent with my posts from here forward, trying for one post per week – though I may post extra before nursing school starts to get the jitters out for what is about to take place as I begin my 2nd effort at getting my RN





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