Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

A week of tests

Welcome to nursing!

I feel like that should be said every week because nothing seems routine yet. We are still juggling teachers, seeing at least one a week for the first time – there are 3 teachers left we haven’t had yet.

Anyways, two weeks ago I had a lot of exams and here are the results to them. While I was not happy with any of them really, I plan to do better by the next exam date.

1. CNA boards – Passed written, Failed skills (forgot to do ROM on foot)

2. Exam 2 – I made a 72 and haven’t finished the assigned remediation work, which is due by Oct 20th I think it is.

3. ATI Test on Critical Thinking – made a 78%

4. Assessment check offs – PASSED! 😀

5. Drug Calculations math test – made 85, needed a 90 so the second chance (of 3) is Friday, Sept. 30th at 10 am (after lecture)

Like em or love em, there they are.



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