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Clinical Orientation

Wednesday of this week we wore professional clothes with our lab coats and name tags and met with our clinical instructors at our clinical site to go on a tour and hear some lecturing from our individual clinical instructors about requirements, paperwork, and details on dress code.

The place has four halls with a central nursing station. My Clinical Instructor is Ms. Lewis. There are 10 of us students that work under her, and the first week we are going to be paired up! YES!

The biggest leg up I have is having already done CNA clinicals… aside from physical assessment much is still the same. AM CARE, showers, bed baths, hair care, mouth care, denture care, toileting, etc. That kind of thing.

Most rooms at the facility are private, and we will start out with only one patient (per pair). By week two who knows if we will be alone. Ms. Lewis said she would add additional patients on as our confidence increases.

Hope this gets you as excited as it does me!


Off to study,



A week of tests

Welcome to nursing!

I feel like that should be said every week because nothing seems routine yet. We are still juggling teachers, seeing at least one a week for the first time – there are 3 teachers left we haven’t had yet.

Anyways, two weeks ago I had a lot of exams and here are the results to them. While I was not happy with any of them really, I plan to do better by the next exam date.

1. CNA boards – Passed written, Failed skills (forgot to do ROM on foot)

2. Exam 2 – I made a 72 and haven’t finished the assigned remediation work, which is due by Oct 20th I think it is.

3. ATI Test on Critical Thinking – made a 78%

4. Assessment check offs – PASSED! 😀

5. Drug Calculations math test – made 85, needed a 90 so the second chance (of 3) is Friday, Sept. 30th at 10 am (after lecture)

Like em or love em, there they are.



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