Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

Test 1 – 84… so far

In martial arts you spend years progressing in the ranks of black belt. (Lower belts are like primary school, and the black belt ranks like going to college) Considering I’m in college at nursing school, I saw this exam very much like a yudansha (black belt holder) exam. They both required lots of study time, great internal motivation, and the determination to see it through and stay focused.

So, needless to say, Test 1 came and went this morning. The application style was just as hard as I expected, so at least I wasn’t blind-sided by that. Here is how I found out where I stacked up against the class!

We had tests (w/ the questions typed out) and scantrons (where you bubble the answers so they can be graded electronically). When the test was finished, you just sat there with your exam face down until the grueling hour was complete! (I went SLOW and reread questions several times, taking my time… and STILL managed to have 25 minutes left over to go crazy with my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) self! )

Anyways, we took a break after the hour was complete and put the scantrons in a stack on the front desk. I glimpsed at the pattern of a classmates and saw that about half were similar, miniscule relief that was.

When we got back from break, we went over the exam and had Remediation Worksheets that we would write the question number we got wrong followed by why we got it wrong. Example: “#1    I narrowed down to two answer choices and picked the wrong one”. There were 25 slots on the paper, so I assume they think we’ll get at least half of them right! (LOL) So I wrote down 8 items missed for my worksheet though I honestly couldn’t remember what I picked as an answer for one of those, so I may have only missed 7.

The reason I write “for now” in the subject line is that the exam is up for review until the end of the week. Every professor in the department has to read it and compare their thoughts with the results from our class (ie. how many missed each question) to see if any questions will be thrown out. If they are thrown out, you hope it’s one that you got wrong, because the number of questions subsequently drops making the value of points per question greater. So if you did miss one they throw out, your score goes up; conversely, if you didn’t miss the one they threw out, your score drops b/c the point value for the ones you DID get wrong increased. (I know that’s sticky math, but hopefully you get the gist of what I’m trying to say.)

I shared my grade with one other person in the class, who asked me point blank how I did, and she threw her arm around my shoulder and said, “Great job!” That made me smile, and still does. My parents all (3) thought I did well, but I was really hoping for a 90%. I will try again for the 90% on the next test, but for now it will have to do. Hey… as long as my average is above a 77%, then I’m passing! WOO HOO!

Take care and celebrate with me. Do a little dance, make a little — wait, nevermind. That’s gross! But take a moment to smile at life and appreciate the little successes you have had today/recently!


Dad taught us archery when we were little. This pictured reminded me of those good days and also shows the arrow at about where I scored on the test. Not an A, but I can taste the bullseye!

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