Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

Back to oiling and sharpening the sword

My dad brought up a great example of what I’m doing today. While I hadn’t personally seen this particular connection, I thought it warranted its own post!

I took my exam (went to battle) and passed (survived with minor wounds). Now I am back home (home) and am reorganizing my note book (removing and cleaning my armor) for the next section/exam (battle). I am reviewing what I missed (bandaging my wounds) and celebrating (drinking sake’)

Okay, so he didn’t say the sake’ part, but I just couldn’t resist the reality of what battle was. Much like today’s soldiers, when they come home they celebrate the living of life usually with alcohol and family gatherings. I won’t be partaking of any, but I reminisce over visual images like that in the movie, the Last Samurai.

Anyhoo, food for that!




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