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Hurricane Irene kills electricity – Allows for extra day of studying

Hurrican Irene took down trees and also power lines. Our power was off 10 hours on Saturday, and then about 20 minutes on Sunday. My college cancelled all classes for today (Monday) and therefore our test was postponed until tomorrow!

I looked at the schedule for the next couple of weeks and I’m up the creek without a paddle for this week because we lost four hours of lecture that are now going to be crammed into the remaining hours of lecture this week. (Entire week is on one topic) We had scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to be clinical check offs. That is when you go into the lab (on college campus) and do hands on nursing skills while an instructor grades you as a pass/fail for that skill. You have 3 chances (not the same day) to get a grade of “Pass” or you are kicked out of the program. That has me really nervous! Anyways, there are about 15 skills we have to know for the upcoming check-off. While most of them I learned in CNA classes, some include differences from what I learned, and a few of the skills are entirely new (med administration for one).

We find out tomorrow how the material and class time is affected. We cover caring interventions and medication administration (including dosage calculations) all this week, and then we have a break. Monday of next week we are off for Labor Day. Tuesday and Wednesday we have lecture (I think) – or possibly check-offs for assessment and vital signs. Thursday will be an open lab time for us to practice on the mannequins in order to hone our skills. and Friday we will start Unit 10 (the second half – already did first half) on Sleep and Rest for an exam on the following monday.

Exams every two weeks makes for a fast-paced study regimen. Every night I am putting in 4-6 hours reading material for lecture, printing out and looking over lecture powerpoints, and reading over my class notes. Occasionally I’m making flash cards, but they take up a lot of time to make and little time is left after all of the above to reap the benefits of them.

I’ll leave you with two drugs that I’m having trouble remembering: 1) propoxyphene (Darvon… with tylenol it’s darvocet) which was taken off the market because of the adverse effects to the heart electrical conduction. 2) merperidene (Demoral) which is an opioid narcotic. Hopefully I’ll have them memorized before 8 am tomorrow!

Take care and thanks for reading!



me flying thru the hurricane, but hanging onto my study skills (the sign)

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