Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

Testing at Dojo/Created a Study Group

Hello readers!

Thursday I made it a point to create a study group. I had intentionally acted extroverted all week to get to know my classmates and find out a little about them re: creating a study group!

 I had already planned on either having Nails or Napolean be in the group, seeing as this is their second attempt at this course (both failed by one point). Their general knowledge, albeit subpar, is more than what I have regarding the material, so that was a goal to use them as a reference, at least in the beginning. So I wound up having another member ask Napolean to join our group – and he agreed with the understanding Sasser could come too! So Napolean is the first member of my group and Sasser the second.

The first person I asked to join the group is Cowgirl. She’s got southern charm and has a camoflage and lime green purse – so she’s not all girly-girl. We sat together during the first part of Thursday’s ATI presentations, and after learning some of her likes and dislikes, stereotyping her intelligence based on how she answered (I know it’s wrong, but I was giving her an interview without telling her that’s what it was.)

Therefore our group, called the Angels, is made up of Napoleon (the only guy), Sasser (quiet girly girl who is scared of anything redneck), Cowgirl (the opposite of Sasser), and myself (a chubby intellect that prefers practicality and being a realist over anything else.)

With that being said, I had made a group at school, and now how to work as part of a group at Dojo Testing. We had several students (mostly kids) test for ranks from Hachi-kyu (8th grade – yellow… first color belt) all the way to San-kyu (3rd grade – brown… last color belt before black) and the others in between. (our ranking system goes from 10th grade backwards to 1st grade brown, and then on to 1st degree black belt, which progresses in years up to 10th degree black belt, which is denoted by the practioner wearing a red belt.)

Two adult candidates tested for brown belt, one being female. Few women have made it to brown, and even fewer to black, so I wanted the test to be thorough, and I feel that it was for the most part. I tested this female and while she had good technique, she lacked tremendously in power!

The other brown belt candidate broke a rib on the head instructor with a freak accident on a well executed side kick the instructor didn’t see coming in time to deflect. It seems to be that his humility, nor his control, is up to par… but more investigation into the problem (through watching him in class) is necessary before such labels can be assigned to the now brown belt.


Conclusion: It was nice to be taught things, though not spoon fed, this first week in nursing school. Also, it was great to take a leadership role is forming a group that I think has a lot of potential. Then, I fell into another role as teacher and examiner during karate belt testing where I had to reference my decade of knowledge.

I enjoy all of these roles and hope that my teaching personality will allow me to serve in a teaching role regarding the subject of nursing someday in the future. It’s one of my options when I plan my future, but I’m a LONG WAY AWAY from having to make any kind of decision on that.

I’m off to study a bit more before bed, and it’s a full week ahead on the topic of Assessment – the foundation of nursing care!

Take care,


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