Jesus meets Martial Arts meets Nursing School

Day 1: In retrospect

I know I didn’t have time on Monday (8/15/11) or yesterday to write about the details of the first day, so I figured I would do it now! Enjoy.

My first day was Monday. We had lecture from 8am-12pm. Thankfully I got a seat on the right side of the front row, near the door, about 20 minutes before class was scheduled to start!

The entire nursing faculty came in and lined up at the front of the class, each introducing themselves. Then they had the second year students come in, introduce themselves, and bring breakfast food and brownies and drinks for us! (Awesome I know!) Then we went around the room, starting in the back introducing ourself, telling one unusual thing about our likes or dislikes, and why we wanted to be a nurse. (there are 40 of us, so it took a while! lol)

After introductions, all the teachers went out and the 2nd year students stayed in. We got to ask them “anything”! We got a lot of good information and encouragement from the 12 that remained (from last year’s 40! :-o….)

Then we were given handbooks, and went over bits and pieces of policies, the many ways you could fail out of the program (missing check offs in clinicals after the 3rd try, failing a drug screen, getting an average below 77 for a given semester, missing more than two days of lecture or one day of clinical, being late more than six times for lecture (can’t be late for clinical because you will be counted absent), doing something dangerous in clinical, getting unsatisfactory overall in clinical, cheating, plagairism – I think that’s all of them, plenty thought, right?!)

We had to print out the calendar and syllabus (60 pages of syllabus) and bring those to class. So we went over both of those.  We have 6 different teachers for the semester that each teach different topics. We have 2 different ones this week, and 2 other ones next week. (The final two we have for the first time in September.) The calendar lists time we are in class (or clinical), the instructor’s initials, and the unit that will be covered in that lecture. The syllabus (minus the first 4 or 5 pages) is just a series of Units, on individual pages, that list the modality, the subcategories, the exemplars that should be learned, the objectives covered in that unit, and the page numbers and book names (we have 10 books) for the reading that should be completed prior to coming to class.

After class it was a short 10 minute ride home, that felt like snail speed compared to the fast-paced lecture. I got my stuff organized including powerpoints printed and hole-punched, debound books marked for the pages I removed and put in smaller notebook (EXCELLENT IDEA THAT SAVES A GOOD 15 POUNDS OF BOOKS ON YOUR BACK!) and the like. By 3 pm I was organized and ready to begin, and I immediately started reading the homework. Finished at 10pm (ate dinner while reading!)

That was my first day! WHOOSH I hope you enjoyed!


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2 thoughts on “Day 1: In retrospect

  1. Explain “debound books,” please. Are the books in a format where you can take the pages out without ripping?

    • Debound books are textbooks that I took to Staples and had the binding taken off. That left loose leaf pages that I then hole-punched so that I could put the book in a 3-ring binder. Then , whenever I have assigned reading for a given lecture/test, I just take out the pages I need (leaving a divider in its place so it is easy to find when returning the pages later) and place them in my class lecture 3-ring notebook for light travel.

      I hope this answers your question and thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply!

      Take Care,

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